Our Markets

45 Years Serving These Markets

Kruvand has been in this market since 1971 and there is no disputing the broad industry experience of our team or our vast coverage of this territory. 

Almost five decades of market and customer knowledge for the most sophisticated military and aerospace applications, high end computer storage applications, precision medial instruments, supporting new down-hole tool designs and above ground instrumentation for Geophysical, high tech Telecommunication equipment, wireless base stations, transportation applications, many M2M projects to today's lot and wearable technologies.


Automative / Ag / Surface Transportation

Transportation applications and other products in the automative and transportation industries.

Datacom / Telecom

High tech telecommunication equipment for state of the art services among datacom and telecom.


Industrial products of all types able to serve a wide range of industries and sectors.


Products to connect devices through the Internet of Things.


Complex lighting applications and connected technologies.


Precision medical instruments put into practice on a daily basis.

Military / Aerospace

Sophisticated military and aerospace applications used around the world.

Oil & Gas

Offering premier products in the oil and gas sector.

PC / Storage

High end computer storage applications.

Test & Instrumentation

Above ground instrumentation for geophysical applications.

Wireless / M2M

Providing wireless base stations and other machine to machine products.