World's Thinnest High Power Supercapacitors

CAP-XX is a world leader in the design and manufacture of thin, flat supercapacitors and energy management systems used in portable and small-scale electronic devices.

CAP-XX develops, manufactures and markets thin, prismatic supercapacitors for use in:

  • commercial and industrial electronics, such as handheld computers, point of sale terminals, telemetry units and location tracking equipment;
  • consumer handheld devices, such as digital cameras, tablet computers and mobile phones; and
  • clean energy applications, such as energy harvesting and micro-hybrid vehicles.

CAP-XX supercapacitors are characterised by their:

  • exceptionally high power density and energy density;
  • high cell voltage and wide operating temperature ranges;
  • extremely low leakage current and minimum charge current; and
  • thin, prismatic package, ideally suited for use in space-constrained applications.

CAP-XX supercapacitors provide:

  • peak power support for pulsed loads;
  • secure power back-up for mission critical applications; and
  • battery-independent power storage in clean-tech products.

As battery-powered devices proliferate, and the focus on clean energy expands, demand is growing for high performance supercapacitors to extend and enhance operational life. CAP-XX supercapacitors enable manufacturers to incorporate more and more high power functionality, whilst reducing:

  • battery weight, cost and size;
  • component cost and number; and
  • environmental impact.

The unique feature of CAP-XX supercapacitors is their very high power density and high energy storage capacity in a space-efficient prismatic package.

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