Erni Connects

A name synonymous with trusted electronic connectors

ERNI - a global leader in W2B, B2B & IO connectors that are miniaturized, robust, rugged, w speed, power & stacking opts including MaxiBridge, SMC, DIN, MicroSpd, PowerTaps & more

ERNI Electronics has been contributing to electrification of the globe for more than 70 years.  From power management to lighting systems, from relays to still photography and television, ERNI has long created and perfected  a variety of solutions for the modern world.  By the mid-1960's, our team developed the first back plane assemblies and introduced it to the world during the 1968 Electronica Fair.  These connectors received DIN 41612 standardization in 1971 and we haven't stopped engineering and refining miniaturized, robust, electronic connector solutions since.  ERNI specializes in designing and manufacturing robust yet miniaturized connector solutions that perform in a variety of industries. 

We take the time to understand our customers and their needs, enabling us to identify the right solution for each application. 

ERNI connectors are designed and manufactured to our precise requirements and currently support and power a variety of products from computers to smart home appliances to LED lights to a microsatellite and more.  

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