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Laird Performance Materials: EMC Components, Inductors & Ferrites, RF Absorbers, Precision Metals, Thermal Interface Materials, Wireless Charging Components

Our products are designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications in an equally diverse range of industries, from medical to military.

Our wireless communications technologies, for example, deliver reliability and signal integrity regardless of environment and challenge. Our performance materials, similarly, eliminate the harmful effects of EMI or thermal damage and deliver practical, proven solutions in applications where performance cannot be compromised. Common to all, however, is the need to create solutions that are practical and proven in making wireless communication reliable, regardless of environment or challenge.

  • Integrated Solutions: Multi-Function solutions, and Co-eng Shields
  • Electromagnetic Products: Microwave Absorbers, EMI Enclosure Seals (FOF, EcE, FIP),  Enclosure Shields (Standard Metals, Board Level Shields, Vent Panels, Finger Stock)
  • Thermal & Power: Gap Fillers, Liquid Gap Fillers, & Inductive Components (EMC Components & Ferrite Cores, Power & Signal Inductors
  • Inductive Components: Ferrite beads, Common mode chokes, ferrite cable cores, chip beads, toroids, ferrite suppressor Sheets, Wireless charging
  • Thermal Management Solutions: T Putty, Thermal Interface Materials - Gap Fillers, Thermal tapes, thermally conductive electrically insulative material - T Gard, Liquid Gap Fillers

Laird is a designer and manufacturer of wireless systems and performance materials based out of London, UK and with offices in Earth City, MO in the United States.

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