World Products Wireless

Custom Antenna Design Solutions

Antenna solutions that solve RF problems using exceptional engineering and product support.

World Products Wireless develops and manufactures antenna solutions serving the Machine to Machine (M2M) markets such as AMI/AMR Smart-Grid, Enterprise, Industrial, Automotive, Bio-Medical and Consumer Wireless.

These include antenna solutions for 5G /4G LTE / 3G Cellular, LoRa / ISM Band / Wi-Fi / ZigBee / BT, Multi-Band / MIMO, AMI / Smart Grid, GPS, NFC / 433MHZ, & with Cable & Connector solutions.

In addition to their broad antenna portfolio, World Products Wireless can design custom antennas to operate in any frequency band/bands for your specific application, performance and cost requirements.

They also offer testing services which are done in their state-of-the-art antenna engineering lab with technically advanced RF/Microwave test & measurement equipment. 

WPI Wireless Business Unit is an industry leading customer-centric antenna solutions supplier that differentiates itself by its ability to solve antenna related RF problems using exceptional engineering and product support while offering competitively priced, leading-edge, quality products.

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