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A Technical Sales Organization, focused on:
Interconnect, Passive, Electromechanical & Active Components

Advanced Electronic Markets

With decades of experience we'll ensure
you always get quality products.

Products that Integrate
& Connect

Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Advanced Products Powering
Complex Applications

Oil & Gas, Energy, Renewables

Components & Assemblies for
Modern Equipment

Medical & Healthcare Applications

Leading Technologies for
Critical Equipment

Aerospace, Military, Industrial & Transportation Applications



We are an engineered solutions sales organization and always looking for people that want to help us achieve our goals.



Membrane Switches, Keypads, Plastics & Rubbers
Connectors, Cable Assemblies, Fiber Optics, Microwave Components, Patching Solutions
Capacitors, Filters, Magnetics, Materials & Tuning Components, Position Sensors, Slip Rings & Rotary Joints, Custom Solutions.
Crystals, Oscillators, MEMS Oscillators, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO, Resonators, Filters
Laird Performance Materials: EMC Components, Inductors & Ferrites, RF Absorbers, Precision Metals, Thermal Interface Materials, Wireless Charging Components
Thermal Management, BusBar & Electrical Power Protection Solutions
Engineered Input Solutions: Custom User Interfaces, Touchscreens, Keyboards, Mouses & Card Readers, Bump Bars, LED Lighting
Manufacturers & Fabricators of Engineered Material Solutions.
Battery Solutions using the latest battery technology for rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide exceptional Engineering services and Value to our customers, manufacturers, and Distributors, serving in the Arizona, New Mexico, and Clark County, Nevada territory.